Malyk's cuisine

Over here, this is Malyk’s cuisine !

Over here, you can enjoy the succulent taste of the cuisine of Algeria.

Over here, you can eat the Algerian couscous au goût unique / the unequalled taste by Malyk !

The association of complimentary ingredients: couscous, vegetables, chickpeas, lamb meat or chicken and the Algerian sauce of Malyk’s cuisine.

Over here, I sell meals cooked following the principle of respecting the life’s cycle of ingredients and optimal cooking time to manifest the unequalled taste or as we say in french le goût unique !  



Bourek ground beef, cheese and vegetables

5.- (Chf.) one bourek

10.- (Chf.) two boureks

14.- (Chf.) three boureks

Rice-lentils and vegetables

Premium basmati rice with lentils and vegetables.

The king of the vegan meal in order to enjoy an effortless digestive trackt / exit experience.

12.- (Chf.) normal serving

Le goût unique - the unequalled taste
in real life !

During the strawberry season I add the specialty of Malyk's cuisine :

The couscous with strawberry.

The secret of the supreme pleasure is the association of the excitatory properties of the protein in the golden like couscous grain and the special properties of the strawberry.

Do you want to order ?

You can order by phone or with WhatsApp

Only on order 1 day before

Payment in cash or by TWINT (credit card, debit card or postcard)

My address :

Malyk's cuisine

Rue du Pré-Bouvier 29, 1217 Satigny

c/o La Collab'

You can contact us by Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram between 10h00 & 23h00 from monday to saturday

Malyk's cuisine is open between 18h00 & 01h00 from tuesday to thursday and friday to saturday between 18h00 & 02h00

+41 76 701 27 28

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